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Private Investigator Tech Gadgets

Anybody who has actually seen "The Guy from Uncle," "Objective Difficult" or a James Bond film comprehends the destination and the elegance of the gizmos that each of the pretend companies in these movies used. Numerous of those pretend devices-- and numerous cooler ones!

Hi-Res Bullet Camera. These hi-tech electronic cameras are ideal for unique operations work and can power a lot of pocket digital video recorders. With one button use, it is a cinch to turn the video camera on and off without drawing unnecessary attention. Private detectives are well recommended to get themselves of this important product.

Reverse Peephole Viewer .While this gadget is frequently utilized by homeowner, bondsman and police officers to assist them prior to entry into an unidentified environment, they can likewise be utilized by detectives for security factors. The gadget is compact, simple to utilize and can even be linked to a digital electronic camera.

GPS Tracker. Perfect for tracking lorries of any type, these trackers can be continually kept track of or established to report a place at established times. They are rather compact (and hence quickly concealed) and have a battery life of a month or more so they just require to be changed periodically. All in all, an outstanding method to keep an eye on a target.

Baseball Cap Camera. This innovative little gadget has an entirely self-contained video camera system. A top-quality CCD will tape and keep an eye on whatever that the user sees. In addition, the lens is the size of a pinhole and is basically undetected without a magnifying glass.

Pen Audio Recorder. Immediately record whatever that's stated throughout a discussion while appearing to just be having fun with your pen or remembering. The gadget is triggered with an easy push of the clip-- down for on and up for off. It is likewise fantastic for tape-recording your ideas about a case or target.

Reverse View Sunglasses. This cool little product is developed for surreptitious tracking of a person. You no longer require to follow a suspect, however, can remain ahead of them and still see their motions. Simply put, remain unnoticeable by concealing in plain sight.

Face Reading Software. Outstanding addition to any Personal Detective's toolbox is this impressive piece of the software application. Utilize it to get an understanding of a target by evaluating their responses to different concerns.

As technology evolves and becomes more sophisticated, there will always be an array of tools for private investigators to choose from. For information on Private Investigator Services in Cape Town please contact us at Effective PI. We can be found at or reached directly at 084 979 9176 .

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Reasons to Start a Wireless Network

Based on my Experience doing IT Support in Cape Town for many years , wireless networks would have to rank as one of the best inventions in history. They really are the best thing since sliced bread. I mean, really, bread is easy enough to cut yourself, but have you ever tried to wire up a network? Its a lot of hard yakka as many would say.
WiFi is the wireless way to handle networking. It is also known as 802.11 networking and wireless networking. The big advantage of WiFi is its simplicity. You can connect computers anywhere in your home or office without the need for wires. The computers connect to the network using radio signals, and computers can be up to 100 feet or so apart. So, in the spirit of spreading the word, I’m going to give you some great reasons why you need a wireless network.

Sharing Internet Access.

Wireless networking gives you a cheap and easy way to share one Internet connection between multiple computers, eliminating the need for more than one modem. You can even add new computers to your network simply by plugging in a wireless card and switching them on — they get an Internet connection straightaway! There aren’t many wired networks that can say that.

Sharing Files and Printers.

A wireless network gives you access to your files wherever you are in your home, and makes it easy to synchronise the data on a laptop with a home computer. It is much easier to send files between computers with a wireless network than it is to send them by email, or even by burning them to a CD.
Plus, with the printer connected, you can also write things wherever you want, press print, and go and collect them from a printer connected to another computer — printers that are plugged into one of the computers on the network are shared between all the computers automatically.

Always On Connection

A big factor in the spread of broadband was that it let Internet connections be always-on, without needing to dial in. Well, wireless networking lets network connections be always-on, meaning that any of your computers can connect to the Internet whenever you want! You can take laptops from room to room, and it doesn’t matter — they’ll always have access. Plus, there’s not even any need to set up a username and password system, as wireless networks work without logging in. It’s just so convenient!

No More Wires.

This, of course, is the biggest reason why you should switch your network over to wireless. Wires are inconvenient, expensive, ugly and dangerous — you’ll be delighted to see the back of them.
The average Ethernet wire doesn’t cost that much per metre, but once you’ve bought enough metres to do whatever you need to do, well, it tends to add up quickly. Not only that, but if you want to run your wire between rooms or floors, you have to knock holes in the walls — which might not even be allowed if you’re renting. I know plenty of people in rented apartments who had to keep their network confined to one room until they went wireless. With wireless networking, well, you can even take your computer outside, if you want to!
No more wires also means no more spaghetti all over the floor and in the corners. Not only does this improve the safety of your home, as it’s all too easy to trip over exposed wires, but it also means that you don’t have to go to all the trouble of packing all the wires up and re-connecting them at the other end when you move. It also means that you don’t have to examine every wire for damage if your Internet connection breaks down.

Play LAN and Internet Games.

You might have seen an option in your favourite game to play over a LAN. Well, wireless networks are LANs, which means that your whole family can play that game together — without needing the computers to be anywhere near each other. It’s far more fun to play against real people you know than to play against random people over the Internet, not to mention that the game will work much faster. You could even invite your friends to bring their computers and join in — a ‘LAN party’!
An added benefit is that wireless equipment lets you easily connect any games consoles you or your kids might have to the Internet, and start playing online. It’s far easier to play online with a wirelessly connected Xbox or PlayStation 2 than to have to connect it to your modem every time.

Convinced Yet?

If you’re excited, then that’s great — keep reading these articles for advice on how to set everything up. If you don’t think it’s for you yet, well, don’t give up on it — I’m sure you’ll come round when you realise just how easy and cheap wireless really is.
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Tip: Easily open links in new tabs by pressing the scroll wheel on your mouse

download 1 Tip: Easily open links in new tabs by pressing the scroll wheel on your mouseI have been doing this for a long time now but it occurred to me some people may not know this nifty trick. Often times when I browse the web I come across multiple links that I want to follow. Since I can’t view multiple links in the same tab without risk of losing some links, I like to open links in new tabs, allowing me to easily switch between pages/websites as I desire. To open links in new tabs, I simply click on links with the scroll wheel on my mouse. In other words, instead of left-clicking on links I scroll-click on links; using the scroll wheel to click on links opens link in new tabs instead of the current tab.

For those of you with two button mice, you obviously can’t scroll-click with a scroll wheel you don’t have. So, instead, if you want to open links in a new tab hold Ctrl on your keyboard while left-clicking on a link — that will open the link in a new tab.

If you prefer opening links in new windows instead of tabs, you can do that by holding Shift on your keyboard while left-clicking on a link.

The best part? All the above tricks work in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera on Windows (I am not sure about other operating systems) with one exception: Shift clicking won’t open a link in new window for Opera.


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New SIM swap e-mail scam

MTN South Africa has issued a warning to its customers of another malicious attempt to obtain the personal banking details of MTN customers.

According to MTN, the syndicate sends an e-mail similar to the following:

Dear Client,

We have discovered a suspected sim swap attempt on your no. The swap will be processed within the next hour. If you did not initiate this sim swap, please Cancel here.

MTN said that the “cancel” link redirects the user to a site that requests their banking details.

Once the criminals have this information they can use it to make fraudulent transactions from the banking account, MTN said.

“Customers should note that MTN does not send any SIM swap warnings to its customers via email,” the network said. “Furthermore, customers must ignore any such emails and should report them to 083 123 STOP (7867).”

As an additional safeguard to its customers, MTN said it will be blocking the site on its network.

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